Media: Brainerd Dispatch

Published Date: September 3, 2011




When children walk through the entrance gates at Paul Bunyan Land and see the 26-foot high statue of Paul — who has a boot size of 80 and a belt size that is 12 1/2 feet long, with a 500-pound ax — they are already giddy and full of excitement.

But when Paul opens his mouth and says, “Hello, Bobbie” or “Hi, Suzy,” the expression on the child’s face is priceless. This memory is one that the child and the parents or grandparents will treasure forever. It’s a magical moment.

The owners of This Old Farm Pioneer Village and Paul Bunyan Land, located six miles east of Brainerd on Highway 18, cherished these memories that were instilled in them when they were little.

Owners Lois Smude and Alan Rademacher, who are siblings, remember going to Paul Bunyan Land as kids with their parents, Dick and Marian Rademacher, when the park was located at the Highway 210-371 junction -READ MORE-